SOCIAL INNOVATION LECTURE, research evaluation

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SOCIAL INNOVATION LECTURE, research evaluation

Wednesday, 19 de May de 2010, by

What a great day !!!! We started with a fantastic Lecture about Social Innovation (Francopise Jegou,www. ,  How to live in a more sustainable way? How to foster new habits and behaviors through Design?, User focus research. Creating new scenarios, Defining transformative strategies!

Very intense !!!!

After that, research evaluation:   16 international students, 3 research topics !!!!!


  • Liu Wei Jun (Design)            China Shanghai
  • Yu Qi (Design)            China-Shanghay
  • Antonella Espro (Design)        Italy
  • Julia Steffen    (Architecture)     Germany
  • Carolin Rachel (Urban Design)  Germany


  • Frank Bates     (Architecture)    USA
  • Terry Floyd      (Architecture)   USA
  • Reenal Aloarwal (Urban Studies) India
  • Sudhir. S. (Urban Studies) India
  • Joey Lei (Design) China


  • Guillaume Laverdure (Architecture) Canada
  • Francesco Spagnolo (Design) Italy
  • Zhu Jing  China (Design) Shanghay
  • Wu Yunshan (Design) China Jiangxi
  • Francesca Carnevale (Design) Italy
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